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Network Incident Management

NOC It is the department that has the greatest visibility of the status of our clients' systems. It is the department that monitors both at the hardware level and at the application level that everything works correctly.

It offers 24x7x365 monitoring. All technicians are aware of active incidents. We work as a team to find the most effective way to solve and manage incidents. It is a department that manages itself and is constantly learning the different environments that are monitored (Azure, AWS, On Premise, Rancher, etc.) to grow together with the client.

network monitoring

NOC It has the capacity to install and configure different monitoring systems, such as Zabbix, Pandora, Nagios, PRTG, and the creation of custom dashboards in Grafana. The installation is carried out studying the client's infrastructure and appropriate to the volume of elements to be monitored (number of servers, number of security cameras, sensors, applications, services, etc.)

Definition of indicators
and alerts

After having configured all the elements to be monitored, the data received is analyzed for the necessary time to know its limits (minimum and maximum) and thus be able to adjust the thresholds of the different configured alerts. N.O.C., as a monitoring expert, has extensive experience in configuring systems to adjust these thresholds and thus be able to detect which alerts are really important for each client.

Application of
corrective solutions

There are alarms that can be resolved by launching automatic processes (restarting services such as Apache, IIS, etc.). NOC It has the ability to propose a configuration based on the execution of these automatic processes, which avoid unnecessary calls to a higher scaling level.


NOC manages and registers incidents of different ticketing tools (GLPI, OTRS, JIRA). It is important that the tasks are registered to have a history of pending and resolved tasks. Repeated incidents cause N.O.C. see a pattern of the cause and can offer a solution to the customer. If the solution requires knowledge of development, system administration or database administration, the N.O.C. is able to collect all the information to analyze the problem in greater detail

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