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At Inteccno we understand cybersecurity as one of the most important parts of any company or organization. Our highly qualified team performs an analysis of cyber threats and their risks, providing the solutions and tools that best suit the needs of each business.
We also offer a network and infrastructure monitoring service to detect when network activity is suspicious of trying to access the company's confidential data, attacking this threat and guaranteeing the security of your business and that of your customers.


Technical audit based on finding as many vulnerabilities as possible in the environment, without the need to exploit them.
All configuration and devices are accessed to certify that all versions and configurations are correct and up to date. It is done internally and externally.
Within the vulnerability analysis we offer additional services such as:

• Analysis of vulnerabilities in mobile devices.

• Courses and awareness talks regarding prevention and information security.


Network and infrastructure monitoring service. This service will detect when network activity is suspicious of trying to access sensitive company data. This will provide the necessary means to detect, identify and neutralize the threat, thus protecting business processes, as well as company and customer data.


Technical audit focused on obtaining a result, such as access with administrator privileges within a network. You do not have to analyze all the possible vulnerabilities, if you do, you do not have to comment if you find a vulnerability if it has not finished exploiting.

There is no access to any configuration and it is usually done at two levels, internal and external.


Expert reports are made in order to obtain digital evidence that allows the client to present it in a judicial, administrative, insurance, etc. process. In order to point out the burden of responsibility and scope of the facts. We offer the following services:

• Email and messaging authenticity analysis.

• Detection of unfair behavior in the company, inappropriate use of systems, intrusions and
access to unauthorized data.

• Search for the elimination/usurpation of information and identity, and identification of
responsibilities, including possible erasures.

• Analysis of results and performance of computer applications compared to their initial

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